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At Boppo, we use reliable enterprise-level utilities for Data Warehousing, Data Migration and Replication, and Data Visualization that helps you make better decisions and achieve unprecedented business growth.
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Business Intelligence (BI)

In today’s well-connected times, data plays a pivotal role in optimizing your operational workflow and processes. Enterprises can gain tremendous insight by leveraging the several benefits of Business Intelligent Tools like forecasting patterns, predictive business modeling, and meaningful analytics to mention a few.

At Boppo, we use reliable enterprise-level utilities for Data Warehousing, Data Migration and Replication, and Data Visualization that helps you make better decisions and achieve unprecedented business growth.

We use the highly-effective Snowflake data warehousing platform in conjunction with the intuitive Looker data visualization toolkit to tackle the challenges associated with your mission-critical industry needs.

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Why Snowflake

Snowflake empowers enterprises through a built-in Data Exchange facility where structured and semi-structured data can be shared ubiquitously with a high level of security. It enables quick scalability and accessibility without any compromise on security or performance.
With an integrated columnar structure, Snowflake takes lesser time and memory for data retrieval, while simultaneously removing duplicate data. Snowflake abstracts the pain points of performance tuning- in addition, it eliminates the need to engineer star-schemas and data processing tasks- meaning you can migrate your raw data without any schema changes.

Snowflake’s baked-in query cache attribute helps run the same query without any cost overhead, provided there are no changes in the data. Incorporating new-gen SQL functions enables querying cache data in json and modern formats structures. Besides, it comprehensively reduces the headache of data backups, data loss, and data storage, freeing up enterprises to focus on core business competencies.
Coming to migration and replication, Snowflake provides several options; alternatively, in case, you need continual synchronization of your real-time data to the Data warehouse, you can opt for the enterprise-level Fivetran tool. In Fivetran, you can setup fully-managed data pipelines in a few minutes with best-in-breed security on AWS and Azure platforms. Fivetran has agile automated data connectors, which respond to schema-based alterations and enable roll-outs of measurable insights in quick time.



Why Looker

Looker is a data visualization platform that helps business to boost their decision-making processes through smart data-driven analysis. Custom Looker dashboards impart a unified view of all your organization data, helping you delve deep and identify the high points as well the chinks in your business strategy, workflow implementation, and planning in a no-frills way.

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At Boppo, we facilitate tracking, analyzing, and presenting business-relevant information with absolute clarity. Our BI tools eliminate the need for traditional and archaic MIS systems; instead, we provide continuous and consistent business-critical intelligence that will not only fine-tune your strategies but also improve the customer experience and increase productivity considerably.

From ideation, development, deployment, implementation, stabilization to the final handover stage, we got you all covered. We migrate the data from your live servers to the Snowflake data warehouse with an unwavering focus on definitive performance and massive scalability.

Next, we establish an exacting connect between your Snowflake data warehouse and the Looker BI tool. Boppo further customizes the Looker Dashboards as per the requirements of your business niche. Boppo’s tailored Looker dashboards help you organize leads, churn out easy-to-understand reports, gather actionable insights, and define robust designs in a simple and precise manner. Adhering to best-in-class industry practices, Boppo’s BI tools rank high due to their exceptional adaptability and usability. Our platforms help you uncover business breakthroughs and unforeseen possibilities, in line with the fast-changing business dynamics of this digital era.

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