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Progressive Web Applications are those websites which make the users feel like it is an application, but the interfaces look an application. It offers functionalities like, it works offline, pushes notification, and access the information without downloading the application.
Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Application

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Web App develpoment.

Any Web App convert to PWA.

App Optimization.

UI develpoment.

Responsive App develpoment.

Web App Development

In web app the interface of the website looks like an application. It does not need to be downloaded as it is an application delivered through web browser.

App Conversion to PWA

Any app can be converted to Progressive Web App to reduce the load timing and increases the time taken to respond.

App Optimization

Optimization means to furnish the app for its smooth functioning and the process of perfection. It includes managing the memory of the app and it maintenance.

UI Development

In web app the UI can be changed according to your requirement, it does not need to be the same as mobile app.

Responsive App Development

Responsive web app illustrates the same app in different devices. It said responsive when it changes according to the devices in which it is being used.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web Applications are those websites which makes the users feel like its is an applications, the interfaces of the website looks like an application. In other terms, it means the users can siege all the information and capabilities without downloading the application.

Why PWA?


Few of the applications are capable of functioning completely offline, whereas others display meaningful placeholder data stating that they are offline. There should not be any case where the application breaks or becomes unresponsive. This makes it highly reliable.

Responsive Designing

An excellent responsive design will ensure that your application will hold on to its functioning even with the new devices in future.


Icon on the home screen has become important because it becomes easy to enter the application and notifies the user if there is any significant information that needs their attention. Progressive Web Applications helps the users to get the same benefits with web apps.

Background Loading

Through service worker update process PWA always remains fresh.


Progressive Web Apps are safe and secure by nature. The technologies which backs PWA needs applications to be served over HTTPS for it smooth functioning.

How Progressive Web Apps Compete the Native Applications

Efficient And Economical

Progressive Web Applications are more efficient and economical than native apps. They work on demand and they are accessible anytime, without consuming smartphone’s valuable memory or data. The data consumed is less if you choose to use PWA over a native version of the same application.

Hassle Free Download

PWA can be saved to the user’s home screen ,it can be installed without facing any kind of trouble of a real download. Moreover the data consumed is little, no need to download and install.

Popularity and Business Growth

PWAs are proving that any business can make significant gains with this technology.Because of their inherent flexibility, PWAs are the best way to stay ahead of the curve in the mobile industry.

Why Choose Boppo?

Boppo has a strong team of Engineers and developers who are trained and qualified to do the given job. The main motive of our team is not just creating the PWA but also its maintenance, we ensure you the smooth functioning of your web app. We will help you with any suggestion and requirement that is needed to you at any point of time. later it will becomes necessary for you to stay updated, we assure you to take your web app on top with the knowledge we possess.

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