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Do you know that 4 applications are launched on the app store and the Google Play store every minute? which is 240 apps in an hour, 5760 apps in a day.

This means that you must not waste any time on deciding which platform to use for your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – React Native or Android Native or something else.

We all have already stepped into the digital world. Digital creators are riding a wave of digital transformation and advancements. If you are planning to develop solutions that are agile and effective, you need to be ready for global technologies, know what your customers expect and their futuristic demands or requirements.

As key thinkers, digital experts, technologists, or decision-makers, the level of difficulty increases when you have to choose digital technologies that will easily resolve tomorrow’s problems.

Yes, Ideation is one of the crucial parts, but only Ideation won’t work until the execution is done professionally. Digital heads are always on the look-out for a better means.

There will always be a constant barrage of questions that requires proper solutions

  • How can we make this idea work to reality?
  • What should be the platform used?
  • How much will this project work out commercially?
  • What should be my ideal budget?
  • How can I invest once and propel my business?
  • Are we introducing unique experiences?

While these questions might seem daunting, a clear and concise way to build your Minimum Viable Product now seems a clear answer.

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is perhaps the best answer for your plan to arrive at the market at the earliest and claim market share quicker.

It makes the price ratio very economical and has effective capacities to create and run your application. It solves the core purpose of users, offering a value proposition, also creating trust and confidence in your business.

Now you might think MVP is a good idea, but which platform should be used to develop the same? The only recommendation would be “React Native”.

React Native is the most preferred and best platform for developing MVP, it saves money, efforts, and development time with minimum investment for building your MVP. Also, with MVP development, you can understand the market demand for your app idea and further improvements.

Advantages of a Minimum Viable Product are as follows

  • Faster-to-fame in the market
  • Understand users’ expectations.
  • One-time investment
  • Cost-effective product
  • Attractive UI for your app
  • Efficient functionalities of your app
  • Manage resources well.
  • Reusable code

Let’s dive into why React Native is the only recommendation for your MVP but before that….

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript structure for composing genuine, natively delivering versatile applications for iOS and Android.It depends on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library, for building UIs, instead of focusing on the program, it targets portable stages.

As such, web designers would now be able to compose versatile applications that look and feel genuinely “native,” all from the solace of a JavaScript library that we know and love.

Besides, because the vast majority of the code you compose can be divided among stages, React Native makes it simple to produce for Android and iOS at the same time.

Like React for the Web, React Native applications are composed utilizing a combination of JavaScript and XML-Esque markup, known as JSX. At that point, in the engine, the React Native “connect” summons the native delivering APIs in Objective-C (for iOS) or Java (for Android).

React Native right now bolsters the two iOS and Android and can grow to future stages too. In this book, we’ll cover the two iOS and Android. By far, most of the code that is composed is cross-stage.

Furthermore, yes: you can truly utilize React Native to fabricate creation prepared mobile applications!

Why React Native is the best platform for your MVP?

React Native is better & unique when compared with the other similar platforms. It is an excellent framework that is easy to learn & offers good performance with an interface that is comparable to native apps.

React Native apps are said to be the future of mobile applications allowing you to develop a robust app and with cost-effective rates.

Why choose React Native Development for your MVP?

By now you have read MVP and React Native advantages. You might have also understood why and how it would help you in your idea and bring it into existence.

We investigate the significant reasons why one may choose React Native for their next versatile application or another element in their current portable application.

Here are the advantages of React Native

Hot & Live Reloading

It is perhaps the most well known and notable highlight of React Native. This feature offers the ability to modify the code on the go. With this, developers can write code and track changes simultaneously in real-time.

Also, the files updated with Hot Reloading are kept in a different place when the application is running. All the modified files get recompiled in the Live Reloading.

Pre-Built Components

React Native comes with an open-source library which includes some useful pre-built components. Utilizing these components, you can speed up the application development process.

Simple and Effective Mobile Application Experience

React Native is a great platform for developing the app’s elementary MVP version as it allows the developer to code in plain text JavaScript.

It offers state models and components to craft the developer’s logic.

With this, the users will get a native-like application across both iOS and Android platforms. You can also create a user experience that will be user-centric and well rewarding.

Cost-Effective Development

A platform in which you can develop the application with a single codebase.Due to this single codebase feature, app development becomes cost-effective.

Reusable Code

With React Native developers can use the same code for an app across various platforms. This increases a programmers’ productivity as their development efforts get reduced to half.

In addition to this, because of the reusable code component, the experience of iOS and Android versions of your application will remain consistent. Thus, your MVP application will have great looks, great speed, and efficient functionality like a native app.

Comes with In-Built Components

React Native is an open-source library that includes various types of built-in components which are useful for MVP development. Your MVP application development will be accelerated with the use of such components.

For some specific applications, it allows programmers to utilize the codes pre-written by someone else too.

Stable Community

When you decide to utilize React Native for your MVP, it guarantees that it is possible to achieve all the set targets with this technology for your application. It has great help from the digital community which continually decides about the advanced objectives, improves the framework, and upgrades the technology. Hence, if you are stuck at any point of your application development, you can always get help from these experts.

Third-Party Plugins

Another reason to use React Native for building your MVP is the third-party plugins feature in it. This allows you to use modules created by third-party developers for building your MVP application.

This saves a lot of valuable time and effort in the MVP development cycle. At this point, you must have understood the advantages of React Native and the details regarding MVP.

You may have additionally gotten to know why and how it would help you in bringing your thought into reality.

However, one last thing needs to be done.

Comparing React Native and Android

Upon comparing React Native with Android all doubts of whether to choose React Native or not will surely get resolved.

React Native v/s Android

React Native

  • 80% of real businesses have seen React Native increase their mobile development speed by 30%, some even by 40%.
  • The best part about developing a mobile app with React Native is that it provides developers with an opportunity to write a single codebase that then runs on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Since the React Native app builders have to write the code just once, it saves many development efforts and app development time.

Android Native

  • Android native or native development kit, allows you to code your app in native code using languages such as Java and Kotlin.
  • All the device’s APIs and its inbuilt functionalities can be integrated with the native development environment.
  • Unlike web applications composed basically in Javascript, native applications will be applications written in languages that the platform they are being worked for acknowledges.

React Native gives you many reasons to be the best approach to your MVP application development.

A React Native App Development company should get you a winning deal, one that is rightly analyzed, cost-effective, and gives an edge over the other contemporaries.

Organizations big and small like Walmart, Discord, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Wix, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, and Myntra have effectively utilized React Native for its superior performance.

So what do you think?

Do you require any more believability than opting for React native as the privilege and befitting answer for your MVP improvement needs?