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A to Z Software Solutions to take your startup to new heights!

If you are a start-up looking for an overall backing in terms of the team, technical support, software solutions, and launching your company on the online platform, you have landed the right place! We,at Boppo Technologies, provide all the required facilities for your business to flourish and become the best in the market. Boppo is known for being the one-stop destination when it comes to building a company’s products and services from scratch. We being a young software development firm, have fresh and innovative ideas to help build your products in the best ways possible matching the current trends. With an array of clientele in multiple industries, we have provided exclusive software solutions to each one of them with utmost precision.

Let us have a look at the amass of services we offer:

UX Research

UX (user experience) research is one of the most underrated but significant aspects of any product development.UX research is a systematic method of evaluating customer’s needs and requirements in order to gain appropriate insights into the designing process. UX research reduces the chances of errors by 10X! In order to deliver exactly what is needed and solve the exact pain points of the customers, UX Research is a must! Our team at Boppo are supremely efficient and have years of experience in this field of action. Thus delivering products that rightly suit the needs of our clients as well as making the customers happy which indeed is the ultimate goal!

Customer Experience

We are known to offer the most result-driven services to our clients. Customer Experience is the key to any business, understanding this; all our products are developed keeping in mind the end consumer! One of Boppo’s visions is to offer our wealth of knowledge and technological expertise to our clients, we help them save time, efforts and money while ensuring more productivity.

Choosing the Right Technology and Platform

We at Boppo, take into consideration all your requirements as a technology firm and only after fully understanding your needs, take action. We help you build the right platform using the right technology so your resources are well utilized and reach the target audience appropriately. Our web-development and mobile-app development services entail several sub-divisions that are adequate to suit your technical and support needs.

UI Design

UI Design is making processes i.e. interfaces for computerized devices, websites, mobile apps and more. It is more related to how the look, style, and, feel of any platform is! Our designers are equipped to create the most user-friendly interfaces which are responsive and easy to navigate through. Boppo focuses more on the efficiency, responsiveness, and aesthetics for creating a perfect user experience for the customer.

Product Development

This is a vital step for any start-up or any company where the requirement is for the best possible products for the end consumers. Boppo Technologies breathes excellence when it comes to product development. We are known to deliver secure, high-performance and scalable software solutions. Our products and services are designed according to the customer’s needs after a thorough UX research. So, the planning and execution takes place with supreme attention to detail.

Our Web-development Services include: Our Mobile-app development Services include:


Releasing your product/ services in the competitive market place can be a daunting task. You clearly do not want to be lost in the clutter and the noise. Hence, we at Boppo, ensure a strategic launch for your services and products on the right platforms so as to reach the target market successfully. Capturing the attention of your end consumer at the initial stages can be a huge impact on your company’s growth. So, let our experienced team do the daunting task for you in the finest possible ways!

Digital Marketing & Branding

No matter how good your product is or how amazing the services are, if they are not marketed or branded appropriately, then it may not get the expected buzz. Creating a social media buzz is essential for your products and services, is vital in this digital age. Digital marketing can help you reach your target market and convey the message with ease. Also, building a brand is essential right from the start. Every company has a story to tell and resembles some values; a brand portrays the same to the ideal customers. Thus, brand loyalty is created. Boppo Technologies takes care of all your Digital Marketing and Branding requirements. Our services include:

In-house Team Setup

After developing the platform, if you require an in-house technical team set-up for your backend support, we are equipped to offer a well-experienced in-house team set-up for your start-up. Boppo offers the best staff with experienced and technically sound professionals.

Support, Maintenance, and Enhancement

Quality over everything – This is our functionality. We give quality the utmost importance and along with providing result-driven intelligent strategies, we deliver high-end and quality products and services to our clients. Boppo’s support, maintenance and enhancement staff is highly experienced and trained for excellence. You will receive more than what you expect from our high-performance team.

So choose wisely, choose the best!

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