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Timely maintenance and update are necessary for every website regardless of its size. It enhances the features of the website and smoothens its functions.

Website Maintenance Service

Our Website Maintenance Services

Content updating-(e.g. updating and formatting text/copy, creating links, converting documents to html format, updating menus, adding pages

Systems Maintenance

Software, plugins, module updating

Content Updating

As we read above updating is the key to increase traffic flow which will eventually lead to customer base creation. It includes updating and formatting text/copy, creating links, converting documents to HTML format, updating menus, adding pages.

Software, Plugins, Module Updating

Updating software, plugins and module is as important as updating content. It enhances the features of your website and ensures smooth functioning.

System Maintenance

It modifies the system in an appropriate way, enhances the performance, helps to adapt the according to the changing environment.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance mainly deals with regularly checking your website, if there is any issue and correction, keeping it updated and relevant is the core part of Website Maintenance. In most of the companies, approximately 50%-60% of the IT budget is utilized in correction and revising. It is an important factor for business because it represents your website to the outer world of internet.

Why is Web Maintenance is important?

Customer Engagement

If you desire for high traffic flow and sales leads for your business, you will have to ensure that it is free from any errors made. The visitors must get all the information that is required and should look appealing.

Safety and Security

With updating the software regularly, safety and security is also important. It is not difficult for the hackers to find and target your website.

Modern UI and Technology

Websites requires maintenance from time to time, if you manage to stay on top in website maintenance then you could be the first to begin with the new technologies launched, it will have a positive impact on the functioning of your website.


The biggest motive behind updating the website is that it provides new features and add more functions to your website.

Why Choose Boppo?

We at Boppo, strives hard for the success of our client’s business, we assist them completely on website and its maintenance related issues. We fulfil your requirements and makes sure that your website is on the path of success. No doubt we provide our clients the best assistance in making any decision about the website.

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