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PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD stands for Photoshop Design, it is the process of converting the photos into a working WordPress template using technologies like Bootstrap or other methods and frameworks.

WordPress Theme Customization

The fact of WordPress having numerous websites is the theme customization, just imagine yourself applying theme on your website the way you do on your mobile phone, theme customization is making your existing website look more good.

E-commerce/Shopping Cart Development in PHP

According to the market researchers, e-commerce business has a stronghold in the industry. We can personally see how the e-commerce industry is playing a vital role in our daily life. With our expertise and your vision, we can make your online business proficient and ride it to the path of success.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are small software which enhances the functions and tends to make the website’s interface more promising. It can be added and used on your WordPress Website by the website owner.

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress allows us to develop the content according to the client’s requirements. It is fully designed, the custom templates and plugins make it more appealing.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a content management system used for Website development on WordPress. The main key areas of WordPress Website are theme and plugins, these two plays an important role in the look and feel of the website.

WordPress Theme Development

Theme development allows you to build the look and feel of your website rather than customizing it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a winsome Content Management System, build on PHP and MySQL. Blogging is the key part of it but does great with other contents such as mailing list, media gallery, forums, and online stores. More than 200 million websites are there on WordPress which makes it the second most popular tool all over the globe.

Why Use WordPress?

One of the big reason to use WordPress is, it can be customized easily anytime. The user can change the look and feel of the website without any limitation. The budget has always been a hurdle for every business, small or large. WordPress allows you to create and maintain a website at a very low cost. The most useful and helpful part of WordPress is, it has enumerable plugins and themes which enhances the look and feel of the website eventually it will encourage the users to spend more time. The websites built on WordPress are easy and manageable by any individual. However, it depends on the content and nature of the business.

Types of Websites Which Can be Developed Using WordPress

Blog or Personal Website

Business Website


Portfolio Websites

Online Communities

Non-profits and Religious Websites.

Websites Developed Using WordPress

Bloomberg Professional

BBC America

Sony Music

MTV News


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