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In today’s fast-paced era, business intelligence initiatives usually have a higher failure rate due to improper data collection and mining, inability to derive meaningful insights, poor reporting, dated mechanisms, and rapidly-occurring technology disruptions among other factors.


In addition, there are varying objectives and use-cases; some organizations use BI powered tools for daily reports, some for forecasting current and futuristic market trends, unmasking hidden and unknown capable resources, and others for stabilizing and optimizing their core operational competencies.


Here is where Boppo comes in the mix- we just don’t drop the kit off with intuitively-designed, custom dashboard visualization tools but also ensure maximum utilization of potential assets and existing systems. We take end-to-end accountability and integrate proactive measures in business and data intelligence processes, making us more of Technology Partners than being a mere BI development and consulting company.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We are focused on Client Value creation by adhering to holistic processes and laser-sharp focus on delivering high performance. We are responsive and cater to customer requirements promptly apart from continuously evolving and reviewing our quality control systems. We take complete ownership of our customer needs and offer total accountability for our actions. Our commitment to our stakeholders is unmatched. We also streamline the capabilities of our talent pool in line with the rapidly-changing technological advances to responsibly enable Greenfield projects for better sustainability and reliability.

Artificial Intelligence & Data– driven Analytics

Boppo is focused on becoming the complete Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner, simultaneously setting a yardstick for hiring and retaining an efficient talent pool. We believe in exploring the latest technologies and implementing that learning for producing best-in-class solutions for our customers. We ensure optimal cost-effectiveness and make customer experiences more productive and exceptional. We empower Digital Transformation for you to thrive in today’s era with minimal disruptions. We create meaningful brand differentiation and secure your business by making it future-ready. Creating lasting value defines our paradigm.

Smart Solutions for Tangible Outcomes

Mobility, Collaboration, and Security are mission-critical factors for the current workforce, specifically the millennial generation. The evolution of the workplace is something that cannot be put on the back-burner anymore- therefore, digital transformation is the way to go. Being a front-runner will enhance speed-to-market implementations and ascertain massive reach with far-reaching outcomes. Boppo partners with Amazon and Microsoft to positively exploit the elasticity and velocity of the AWS and Azure cloud platforms for superior end-user experience, business agility, and increased efficiencies; in summary, we continuously innovate to meet the new-age requirements of the next-gen workforce

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