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ReactJS is an isomorphic JavaScript set of libraries that helps build conversion-focused user experiences, which exude ultimate scalability, high performance, and SEO-friendly capabilities. With established expertise and experience in developing cutting-edge web apps and quality-driven UIs, Boppo’s team of ReactJS programmers and specialists enable seamless operations and remarkable user-engagement for better business outcomes.

Dedicated React Js Services

Interactive UI development

Building pixel-perfect and robust user-interfaces is our forte. We keep on adding value by delivering stunning apps and Single-page applications with minimal development redundancy and streamlined UI/UX design.

Plug-in Development

Our proficient team helps deliver unique features and functionality by leveraging custom ReactJS plug-ins leading to faster rate of development and ensuring better business value.

Consulting & Migration

You can outsource your React migration requirements for your existing web projects, regardless of the intricate complexities. Apart from seamless migration, we will considerably simplify your project architecture.

App Enhancement/Upgrade

We can easily sort out your upgrade-and-enhancement ReactJS application needs. We follow industry-best agile processes with unmatched adaptability and flexibility to deal with the latest technological advances.

Custom Development

We offer tailor-made services and can create effective custom applications with optimal usage of JavaScript libraries. We integrate futuristic capabilities in line with your varying and fast-changing project requirements.

Maintenance & Support

Boppo ensures round-the-clock support at each stage of the development as well as post-handover stages. You can also benefit from our internal support services for extended maintenance during the real-time operational workflows.

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Why React JS ?

Initially developed by Facebook, ReactJS is an intuitive open-source set of JavaScript libraries and is currently maintained by the creators along with a thriving developer community. Complete with reusable components, this toolkit helps build top-of-the-line web apps, chat apps, APIs and UIs with unsurpassed concurrency capabilities.

ReactJS’s flexibility and stable code structure allows you to apply different architectural prototypes and ensures hassle-free updating of the entire codebase. The secret sauce of Virtual DOM enables fast application rendering techniques, providing the much-needed boost for high performance and productivity.

To infer, ReactJS abstracts the need to compromise on the total application stability and speeds up the development processes comprehensively, helping you build extensible next-generation applications in a SEO-friendly way.

Why React JS _

What is the Virtual DOM?

What is the Virtual DOM_
The virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where an ideal, or “virtual”, representation of a UI is kept in memory and synced with the “real” DOM by a library such as ReactDOM. This process is called reconciliation.

This approach enables the declarative API of React: You tell React what state you want the UI to be in, and it makes sure the DOM matches that state. This abstracts out the attribute manipulation, event handling, and manual DOM updating that you would otherwise have to use to build your app.

Since “virtual DOM” is more of a pattern than a specific technology, people sometimes say it to mean different things. In React world, the term “virtual DOM” is usually associated with React elements since they are the objects representing the user interface. React, however, also uses internal objects called “fibers” to hold additional information about the component tree. They may also be considered a part of “virtual DOM” implementation in React.

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